18 April 2015

grad ecstasy


Lots to say but my post-graduation-ecstasy has clouded my ability to elaborate or do anything except thinking that it was awesome.

Still very grateful for the little things, especially all the overwhelming congratulatory messages that come in all forms. I can’t thank you enough be it for your virtual or physical presence on this day to share this moment of joy and pride.

To my parents, friends, housemates and lecturers who had to tolerate my incessant ‘will I ever make it to graduation on time?’ days, I thank you.

In the meantime, I shall watch my euphoria evaporate into coming up with an album of graduation shots full of laughters and joy in which some of us may have found our hidden talent for acting/throwing mortar board/posing for the best smile.

Officially graduated and onto the next phase of life. Thank you to everyone I get to share this five years worth of journey with.

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