28 February 2014

the gratitude tea

an act of kindness I’m grateful for.

Vintage Pu Erh Tea given by an old man. IMGP8954

21 February 2014

pertaining decisions;

I have recently came to a conclusion that there is no best decision but simply making the best of out of the decision you have made.

Above all, I think it is very important for us to acknowledge our biggest fear and be absolutely honest with our feelings, and finally find a way to deal with it.

IMGP8101_play it right it's all we'll need

18 February 2014



These days, we talk about a huge plot breakthrough and major character revelation.

There is a voice buried so deep in the shadows of my subconscious, a thought I’ve been pushing away.

Oh 2014 can be a very daunting year! I hope I will be able to explore and discover the part I didn’t know existed.