20 January 2014

all hail Boston


today, I received a photo message of this.

in the midst of having my thoughts all scattered around in preparation for a conference, this puts a huge smile on my face, immediately.

the next moment, I replied my mum:
hhmm…how am I supposed to feel?

but deep down, I was very, very happy to have received this post card.
thank you.

09 January 2014

a breath of fresh air

oh happy days!

the sun is finally out after literally taking half of December off.

Photo Jan 06, 12 30 01 PM

bright sunny days have magical mood lifting properties while rainy days tend to make me feel lazy and most of the time, being inefficient in getting things done, such as driving to the nearest Starbucks to get my favourite Banana and Peanut Butter cake.

i’ll be off for a hiking adventure in two days time, double the happiness!

Pentax Q: checked
Gears: checked
Packing: ongoing

//runs off to continue packing//

01 January 2014

que sera sera

//Whatever will be, will be//

a mantra I’ll live by for the year 2014.

simply because I worry too much; even when I constantly remind myself not to, subconsciously, my brain never stop thinking. 

“don’t expect the clarity to come all at once, to know your purpose right away.”

Photo Dec 27, 2 03 14 PM (1)