28 October 2013

the world is but another imaginary place

We often wish for so much more.
We look around the life we live and we question: what might have been?

Here we are standing tall, but still trying to figure out on what’s happening and what happens next.


27 October 2013



the forest sounds are a symphony.

nothing beats the feeling of being so close to Mother Nature, weekend spent in the forest is definitely a beautiful bliss.

23 October 2013


sick in bed;
both myself and my beloved laptop.

but it’s definitely a blessing in disguise! there is no chance for work and less distraction without my laptop. so I get to catch up with sufficient rest, like crazy amount of sleep and have some proper personal time;

indulging in things I enjoy doing which includes having my thoughts to scatter around and run free, and also reading a good book and not to forget cooking. yes, I’ve been cooking all day long.


Lauren Oliver has never fail to surprise her readers. This is yet another good book- thrilling and captivating, be prepared to get completely absorbed. It has some very good lines in it that is, well very thought-provoking. A few of my favourite picks are:

“There is no before. There is only now, and what comes next.”

“Let go. Feel the weight all around you….Let yourself go deeper. There is nothing but bottom.”

“But you can build a future out of anything.”

“I didn’t realize then what a privilege that was: to be bored with your best friends, to have time to waste.”

“The flip side of freedom is this: when you’re completely free, you’re also completely on your own.”

These lines seem to be a timely reminder; just when I needed to catch some fresh air and prepare for the final push.

18 October 2013

hey breather

Another week has slipped away and I've yet to have the chance to dive here at my second home in Miri due to the absolutely poor weather as of late.

As for now, I look forward to good sunny days so that I can have a good mix of:

  1. sun-tanning
  2. ocean exploration
  3. awesomely good swim
  4. photography

Meanwhile, I’ll live with this photo to quench my thirst for being underwater.


13 October 2013

the curious mind

floating free, we could fly round the world

IMGP6610 (2)

05 October 2013

for random catch up

Looks like my free week is ending but that’s not stopping me from sharing some overdue happy stories.

I felt like the past few days deserve some proper narration with bursting streams of photos and probably some captions.

So we talk and we eat and we laugh and we drink over supper at the same old familiar place, McDonald’s or Starbucks or both.

Birthday surprises are getting more and more interesting these days.

It’s no longer that well-planned but more random, however more successful; which includes hiding in parallel with the passenger seats of a Toyota SUVs by the road side, holding a birthday cake and lighting candles only to have strong wind blew it off; making us look like illegal immigrants. Jokes aside, we went on to light the candles repetitively until the birthday characters make their appearances.

Here’s to many days of happy-filled moments. it’s in the moments like these that are truly worth every second.

Kuchingnites at StarbucksIMG_8035

nothing is ever happy than to be able to reunite with people from the same hometown.



Chaotic birthday surpriseIMG_9044




…and a very warm well wishes to the birthday characters, Michele and Raymond!

01 October 2013

slow carousel

I forgot how it feels like to be back home; to have everyone close to heart to be under the same roof.