31 January 2013

MyLDS 2013

The beautiful horizons.
14 nationalities, 31 facilitators (1)
31 facilitators, 14 nationalities – we’re indeed global.

The comeback.

Coming back for the same national conference with a different role this time, MyLDS 2013 has left me lost for words. I can’t seem to find the exact adjective to describe the conference, but I’m convinced it has impacted me in the least expected way.

dreams and potentials; words and actions.

All along, those thoughts were playing in my mind.


MyLDS 2013 is a very unique experience where some people picked up bits and pieces and found their missing puzzle.

For a time, it wasn’t clear. Then, there is a wave of intuitive repulsion. It’s those rare moments where you pick up little, little bits of inspiration. I’m lucky I’ve found mine.

For those who have not found their missing part, take time take heart. You will be surprised that sometimes you figured the game out long before you were consciously aware that you had figured things out. 

Long live the theme of MyLDS 2013: Impact Now!IMGP8435

30 January 2013


I feel that conferences are always an extremely good experience because you come back with a greater network of unique individuals and it's simply amazing to learn from each one of them.

6 days of the national conference passed in a rush and before you realize, it’s the last day already.

6 days are all it takes to be challenged to grow, to evolve and to learn about yourself.

This intense facilitating experience has opened my eyes to many new things.


the amazing individuals i chance to work with for the past 10 days and more; very thankful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. 



the supportive members i chance to witness and experience their growth within a short span of a 6 days conference. your presence reaffirm our fight that LC CU is worthy to be a Local Committee.



the beautiful souls i chance to reunite with after my first facilitation experience; silently wishes the entire group was there.



the unique individuals i chance to meet, learn and grow together as a group for the past 6 days; this is indeed a very diverse yet special group.



the awesome individuals whom i proudly call friends at the end of the day.

All these chances are self-created. I truly believe if you strongly desire for something, you will find a way to reach for that ultimate goal.

I truly believe in the idea and the very purpose of AIESEC. Thank you AIESEC for these wonderful opportunity.

I hope some day, somewhere down the road, all of you could live this experience.

youth to business

23 January 2013



all packed and ready to fly.

A year ago, I attended MyLDS 2012 as the team leader of AIESEC Initiative Group in Curtin University with two amazing partners and 17 very, very supportive individuals.

A year later, I come back as the facilitator for the same national conference. This feeling is surreal, yet very incredible.

It is really a dream come true to be selected as the facilitator for MyLDS 2013.

Here’s to another exciting chapter ahead and I’m very excited as to what this opportunity will offer this time.

20 January 2013

pinky’s tale #1


my niece is fast growing i decided it might be a good idea to pen down bits and pieces of her journey here.

just the other day, a conversation made us burst into laughter.

sis: where do you stay?
niece: ar…arm…
sis: where?
niece: arm…armpit! *innocent look*
everyone: *burst into laugher*

this sweet little girl has a mischievous sparkle in her eyes and is full of surprises. she never fail to fill our cozy hut with joy and laughter every day.

19 January 2013

swirling the mist


"now it feels a lot more like home..."

i smiled a warm reply: i couldn't agree more.

18 January 2013

go far to see near

you have to go far in order to see near…


the only way to go far, is to embrace anything thrown onto you, good or bad.

13 January 2013



these are memories that are buried somewhere in the unconscious and it could not be dredged up.

…but there are thoughts that experience waves of repulsion and words that couldn’t resist bubbling up from our unconscious.

i can’t stand any longer in this shade of grey area, lingering on doubts and uncertainties.

a decision has to be made.

12 January 2013

les miserable

In my life
She has burst like the music of angels
The light of the sun
And my life seems to stop
As if something is over
And something has scarcely begun.

IMGP8159 (2)

06 January 2013

to a new year


this stage in life should be celebrated because this is the time where the knowledge of who you are as an individual grows daily.

this is the time where you find out who you truly are and stand firms to your belief so when the time comes for greater things to unfold, you will remain true to yourself and not morph into how the world wants you to be.

01 January 2013

with an end comes a new beginning


While some part of the world usher into a new year with fireworks colouring the sky or having a few pints of beer at their local favourite bar, the few of us prefer a quiet countdown celebration.

It’s a tradition we practice ever since graduation.


However, we decided that this year could do a little different where we spent the last bit of 2012 with the family and then gathered at a friend’s place where we laid out new year’s resolution and all sorts of random musings – something you don’t get to do everyday, especially when all of us have embarked on different pathways.

I like the idea of new year or any festive seasons, because it’s this particular special day that brings warmth and people together.


New year brings new adventures, we’re in a new race together.

Although I’ve not exactly jot down in paper my new year’s resolution (I never really get around to fulfill it anyway), I’m convinced as I go along I will know what I’d love to achieve at the end of the sizzling year.

Till then, happy new year folks!