31 October 2012

two words


Thank you and Sorry.

Perhaps the most common words in the dictionary yet the majority find it hard to practice in real life.

Give thanks for the little amusement in life, apologize when you ought to.

…and when you speak these two words, speak from the bottom of your heart.

Thank a stranger for opening a door for you, thank the flight attendant for helping you with your luggage,
thank your friend for being honest with you about feedbacks and opinions,
thank your parents for providing you a shelter and the list stretches on.

There are too much in life that we should be grateful for. Life has been much more beautiful with the willingness to put down our ego at times and give thanks.

Thank you my dear parents, for cultivating the habit in me for uttering these two words.

30 October 2012

in all fairness


…make the last one count.

29 October 2012

out of this world


It’s no secret that I love receiving parcel, or even snail mail. There is something about snail mail which I find intriguing. So imagine my excitement at the sight of this parcel. *roll eyesss with excitement*

…the thing is, I couldn’t recall ordering anything online nor was I expecting any delivery at this month of the year.

whom could this parcel possibly be from?

It was such a delight to receive this parcel all the way from the other side of the world. Thank you for keeping me in your thought. *virtual hugs*

28 October 2012



Footsteps – the more you take, the more you leave behind.

27 October 2012

back to square one


you've walked a million miles just to realize u were standing at the same spot, perhaps that's how life take us on a ride – back to the beginning, to regain the essential of it before you can finally break free and move on.

…and while we're trapped in this loop, perhaps the least we could do is to embrace the process.

26 October 2012



when life takes you on a different path. when your closest are leaving and everyone is moving forward but at different pace.

how do you feel about changes?

I find changes quite intimidating, a tad bit fearful but exciting at the same time. then again, change is inevitable, I guess I will slowly learn to accept changes and adapt to it.

15 October 2012

living the dream

photo (1)-horzOctober surprises

“Brush aside all your doubts that were haunting you and go all out for something you’ve believed in.” – I’m living my dream.

i’ll be facilitating LLDS USM in Penang in a month’s time. Words can’t express how excited i’m and i really look forward to inspire and learn from a bunch of empowering youth.

i attended my first ever skype interview for the position of facilitator of AIESEC Singapore NLDC 2012. Fun and fulfilling would summarize the whole application-interview process. i’m glad i’ve walked this far, it doesn’t matter whether or not the result is positive because it’s the process that matters most.

12 October 2012

two halves


tonight i had several very meaningful conversation with two friends; one reminded me of why i chose this path in the very first place, the other taught me more about life.

thank you for the beautiful conversation.

07 October 2012

a piece of mind


‎"Only take advice from people who are where you want to be. Because most people are dangerously stupid." - Kyle Cease

05 October 2012

arrested thoughts

It’s important to confront your doubts head on. If you burry all your doubts deep down because you want to seem perfect, then the devil will get ahold of those strings of doubts, and fly you like a kite whenever he wants.” – Unka Glen


03 October 2012


thou shall not lose feeling; feeling that is the basis of human interaction.

02 October 2012

a year of exploration


Today marks my first year anniversary since I joined AIESEC. This journey has been nothing short of wonderful.

I’ve gained rewarding perspectives towards life, experience cultural diversity, acquired organizational skills, made genuine friends along the way, inspired others and most importantly was inspired by many beautiful people. I’ve also learnt the true meaning of leadership – to empower others to believe in their own ability and start leading.

Looking back, I’m really glad I went all out for it despite all the uncertainties that were haunting me at that point of time. Thank you Kar Fei for the slight push at the back, Michelle for the interview call and bringing in this awesome platform and the ever supportive members whom I call friends that have encouraged me along this journey.

If there’s one thing I take away from this organization is that you’ve to keep exploring and seize the opportunities that may come your way.

…and that adventure begins when you allow yourself to step out from your comfort zone.


01 October 2012


IMGP3990when you wish upon the stars

Happy mid-autumn festival folks!

It’s amazing how time flies, three quarter of the year has passed just like that. Have you achieved your goals set at the beginning of the year? If you haven’t already have one, it’s never too late to set another goal or dream a new dream.