31 March 2012

Tipping point

Blurred motion. That’s my state of mind.


Tonight is one of those night where I've a lot of things running through my mind.

I’ve been trying to push them back further in the space of my memory but apparently it doesn’t work. When a particular thing take center stage, you’ve no choice but to deal with it.

Angel has a lot of thinking to do, to have things properly sorted out before the real deal begins.

30 March 2012


“How do you counter your fear of failure?”

Mistakes. Unlike typo where you can undo things, there are mistakes or decision in life that one cannot afford to have.


25 March 2012

Appetite for love


“Love is a many splendoured thing and knows no caste, colour or creed.”

Belle’s bookshop has magical mood-lifting properties that will leave me smiling after every visit, with or without a purchase.

What a good way to end my week. Hello Monday!

23 March 2012


If there’s anything that I’ve learnt the most out of this week, it’d be learning.

Learning never ends; there is never such a thing as enough when it comes to learning. Everyday is a learning opportunity.

Today was yet another inspiring session.

P1090792 (2)

20 March 2012



Life is nothing but a daring adventure.

I woke up to the morning ray shines, ever so brightly, providing warmth to all and received an enlightening e-mail.

Week 4 is seemingly good!

19 March 2012



Murphy's law.
- When shit happens, it happens all at once.

Some days are harder than others, but faith is what keeps us going. Keep swimming!

18 March 2012

Grace and Poise

I’ve always loved sepia & black and white pictures.

I like how these shades of monotone colour really bring out the contrast in the picture, adding a touch of elegance, etiquette and style to it.

For this project, I’m really thankful for the lovely individuals who kindly volunteer to be my models. Enjoy the sepia tones shots!

Grace and PoiseDSC08945 (2)




ExpressionsDSC08881 (2)

DSC08811 (2)

DSC08900 (2)


WarmthDSC08789 (2)

DSC08825 (2)

DSC08761 (2)

17 March 2012



Be gone two major assignments; So long good food !

Don’t you just like the sound of weekends? With napping time slowly taking over proper sleeping hours, weekends are the only time to compensate for the lack of rest during weekdays.

16 March 2012

Lean on us

418530_2723408013116_1494570752_31927112_1797353364_nSOAR Advisors!

I couldn’t be more grateful to have this opportunity to come back and facilitate the new batch of fresh blood. Orientation week surely makes me miss the School of Foundation and many respectable, amazing lecturers.

It feels really good to be back; familiar faces and awesome people. A night worth remembering.


12 March 2012



When the going gets tough, the tough gets going…and when the tough gets going, the going gets tougher. When the going gets tougher, the tough becomes one tough cookie!

What if the cookie breaks?
Feed it with love, it will eventually heal. works for cookie monster.


11 March 2012

In air tonight


*Smell the flowers*

There’s nothing wrong with little intensity. Tonight, we took surprising comfort in the feeling of futility.

All is well, all is well…

10 March 2012

Space and Air

There comes a time where you question yourself, a time where you could barely feel your foot.

I need a pair of shoe that fit my foot better. To enable me to travel a longer distance, to have my foot feel secure.


09 March 2012

KONY 2012

KONY 2012

If taking up 30 minutes of your time could save a life or more, are you willing to do so? Please watch this video.

KONY 2012 is a video that aims to create awareness regarding the social issues and injustice experienced by the people, especially children in Uganda, Africa.

The leader, Joseph Kony has been kidnapping countless African children, slaughtered tens of thousands of people and are known for hacking the lips off their victims.

I strongly believe in the power of youth and I think we could do anything within our capacity to help alleviate this situation. Even if it's just a small step but every little steps adds on to the big picture.

Make social injustice famous, make the lack of human rights in third world countries famous, most of all help save a life.

04 March 2012

Sumptuous warmth

IMG_8499 (2)

Life has a away of making us learn when we least expect to at times. Let’s stop trying to swim upstream and instead let the current carry. Hold a positive outlook even in the worst situations.

“Give thanks…give thanks.”

01 March 2012

Take chances

Tonight, I find myself regain the value and reason of me being here. Sure it wasn’t easy, but it’s the people that keep me going. I was convinced that every other moment that followed regardless of difficult or easy times, this passion will bear its fruit one day.

Praise the Lord.

IMG_8219 (3