31 January 2012


For quite awhile I was contemplating whether to take up this challenge due to the amount of commitment required. Nonetheless, I’m thrilled I went for it. Thanks to a friend who make me into doing this.

It was quite the experience I must say. As the name sounds, it was indeed thought-provoking at times when there is no inspiration at all, either for a photo or the caption. For this matter, I really admire those awesome photographers out there who are very determined to go for a 365 Days Project.

This project has left me with a tinge of mixed feelings of both happiness and reluctance. I’m certain I’ll wake up feeling hollow for at least the next few days. 

What started off as an obligation has slowly changed into a passion for photography. You find yourself looking forward to take a photo each day. Now, that’s the interesting part of it.

Looking back at the photos has made me realized how much I’ve learnt and grown as a photographer. It sure was a great deal of progression.

Above all, it sure was a rewarding journey. To those that have encouraged me along this journey, thanks for you kind words of encouragement.

The end of a journey sparks a new beginning. IMG_6179

29 January 2012



Here's to the one friend that have taught me well in many ways. *big squeezy hugs!*

Happy Birthday Stella!

28 January 2012

Good times


Good times keep flowing in.
I wish I could freeze time now.

27 January 2012





Starbucks one chilly night.

There's nothing quite like a good chill out session spent in the company of good friends. It has been ages since we last come together as one beautiful piece of art.

26 January 2012

Gone but not forgotten

 P1252539 (3)

Dropped by the academy few days back to receive the performance’s video that I missed – Wings of Angel. So much joy stepping into that once familiar places; wooden plank flooring with big mirrors and ballerinas hard at work.

I miss dancing and I surely miss being sore.

25 January 2012


P1252510 (2)

When one door closes, another opens. Better plans are coming your way.

I love how the hues of brick-red paint created a texture on the whole door, giving it a classic look.

24 January 2012



Retrospect can be dangerous.

In the event of the many things that will unfold in the future, the most critical thing that I need to do is to use my faith that things will unfold in a natural order.

22 January 2012


Happy Chinese New Year Folks!
Have a great year up.


21 January 2012


Yes No Maybe, I don't know.
Can you repeat the question?

The slightest snip of frostbite is enough to throw me into a myriad of second guessing. Perhaps I had not learnt to deal with pain or misery.

IMG_6312 (3)

20 January 2012



True to that, a very good reminder.

Enjoy the little things in life for one day you may look back and realize those were the things that matter most. It’s the little things that count.

I believe life is in details. Sometimes, these small and seemingly insignificant gestures can mean so much more than one grand display of love. When your connect the dots between your day’s simple pleasures, life is a whole lot more beautiful.

19 January 2012


Angel is anticipating the return of many love ones.

State of mood : JOY!IMG_6372

18 January 2012

a fork in life


“Left or Right?”

Have you ever experienced a point in life where you hit a fork in the road and come to a complete halt? You find yourself standing at the crossroad with this internal battle going on inside your mind – left or right?

You look down both directions and wonder where each path will lead you to. You know clearly that as soon as you set foot on one direction there is no turning back and that your life will be changed forever.

Well, I've hit that point in my life.

When we walk down a fork in a road, it's impossible not to think about the other path.

16 January 2012

a thousand years.

What happened to being brave and courageous; to fight for the things you thought are worth while?

“Darlin don’t be afraid.”


15 January 2012

i stand in awe of you


Someone once asked me whether i'm a christian. It took me awhile to come up with an answer for i don't have a religion. But one thing i'm certain of is i'm a christian by faith.

"I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go…I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you." - (Genesis 28:15)

13 January 2012

strangers again.

IMG_5875_day6.strangers again (2)

We all begin as strangers,
it’s sad when you end as strangers too. 

12 January 2012


Cold, melancholy weather continues to blanket the city skyline. This is pretty much every day’s weather here.


11 January 2012

Infinitely loving


Sensual and passionate, this unique carved statuette depicts a celebration of love, evoking lovers embracing under the spell of a kiss.

09 January 2012

a ward visit.

IMG_6005 (2)

Whenever I hear of someone else’s tragedy, I think about the fragile, thin line that separates all of us from misfortune. I find myself feeling a tinge of misery.

At the same time, I was reminded of the defining moments in life, moments that make up our lives. Soon you’ll realized you’ve nothing to be upset about, as compared to what someone is enduring at this very instant.

Fingers crossed all will be good.

His glory


He makes all things beautiful, in His time.

08 January 2012

A brave start


A breakthrough, exactly what I needed to head start a new year. This haircut shall serves as a good reminder to drive up some courage in me to propel forward, in a more positive outlook.

07 January 2012



Home, at last! There’s nothing quite like entering a familiar zone, filled with warmth and a sense of belonging. Summer keeps getting better.

Angel is elated about the idea of touching down Kuching!

06 January 2012

losing sight.


The feeling of being inadequate. The fear of not living up to one’s expectation, worst your own. The uncertainties you carry with you. Talking to you make me realize I’m not that brave after all.

05 January 2012

fast moving

Fast moving – the crowds, the life pace and the competitive nature of the city.


04 January 2012

melody of shapes.

/*Yiruma’s Kiss The Rain*/

Now that I recall, this marks my third trip to my neighbouring country within a year. That’s pretty crazy for a year.

It feels like I’m there but not entirely there; it’s a half cup full or half cup empty sort of comparison.

Highlight of the trip IMG_5401

As much as I’ve slowly developed a numb feeling towards this beautiful place, Singapore trip for the third time holds stunning surprises, some of which left me in disbelief and utter amazement.

Still overwhelmed by the many eventful happenings, I’ll swim along and see where this current takes me to though I must admit jumping into this ocean seems daunting. I’m not quite sure if I’m ever ready to take the leap of faith but I should be ready to embrace it.

Only time can tell.

02 January 2012

Streets hop.

never grow sick of bicycle shot.IMG_5279

The best thing comes when you least expect it. Roaming streets never fails to enlighten my day. The photos that come with them has a diverse contents and interesting stories await to unfold.

01 January 2012

silent thread of energy

We embark on the year of dragon not knowing what lies ahead. I can't wait to see what wonders 2012 has in store.

IMG_5280_day5.silent thread of energy. (2)