29 April 2011

Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah

While it seems like many people prefer to drive a long way to Kampung Gersik, I find myself looking forward to take a sampan ride. Somehow, I could never get bored from the ride.

Kuchingnites would go through all the trouble, be it driving or taking a 50 cent boat ride, to across the Sarawak River to purchase the legendary Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah.


50 cents sampan tripIMG_4311

sampan trip (7)


Kampung Gersik @ opposite the central of Kuching citysampan trip (9)



Tucked away in the corner of Kampung Gersik, Dayang Salhah is famous for its layered cake. Fresh from the oven, these home-made layered cake that come in various flavours are fast-selling. They offer free sampling up to 30 flavors.

What’s more, they receive online orders and offer shipping services. With the price as low as RM10, you can purchase a big piece of layered cake. Beats them, the price is the real deal. Oh did I mention they are delicious stuff! Visitors going to Kuching should totally drop by Dayang Salhah and give it a try.


Kek Lapis Dayang SalhahIMG_4332-horz


Free samplingIMG_4342-horz


Toothsome layered cakes


Personally, my favourites are Lapis India (RM25), Lapis Cappucino (RM20), Lapis Madu Belang & Lapis Blueberry.

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