19 January 2011

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Ya Kun Kaya Toast has been my old time favourite. I could really do with a Ya Kun Set A every day if i’m a Singaporean, like seriously.

I’d always go for the traditional Set A which consists of 2 slices Kaya Toast with Butter, 2 Soft-Boiled Eggs & 1 hot 8 Oz Coffee/Tea only for the price of SGD4.20.

Set A – Kaya Toast SetIMG_0771IMG_0773IMG_3849


What makes Ya Kun Kaya Toast so special you may wonder. The thin slices of bread are thoroughly grilled which gives a crunchy feeling upon first bite although I prefer it to be more burnt. They come with a generous spread of butter & kaya. The bread is not overpowered by the butter or kaya, so you get a good balance of both. I like how the butter melt in your mouth with every bite of kaya toast, it was nothing like I’d ever tasted. In fact, Ya Kun is famous for its signature kaya (coconut jam) & Teh C. 

  Ya Kun @ SengkangIMG_3852IMG_3850

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