29 January 2011

a jar of laughter

Funny how we’re all grown ups now and yet whenever we come together, its like we’ve never left high school.



28 January 2011

Fashion regrets


I love both of these outfits and i definitely regret not buying them, especially the blue urban lace dress.

*pulls long face*

27 January 2011

a garden to bloom


Dad’s garden :)

26 January 2011

i need to dance badly

i miss dancing and i surely miss being sore.

IMG_4423 (2)

All i need is an empty dance studio,
preferably lined with mirrors,
with a wooden barre running along the sides.

Give me a melody,
classical ballet music,
let my toes stretch to tendus,
let my legs lengthen with degages,
and my arms into second position.

Let my soul fills the empty space of the room,
as i leap into a grand jette in the air.

If your spirit dances, your body will follow.
IMG_4426 (3)

Angel is over the moon, thanks Hui for the studio :)

25 January 2011

a touch of friendship

Ever wonder what would happen when your friendship is put to test?

So as my social life expands, i find it hard to juggle between all these wonderful friends around me, that at some point of a time, i may have taken someone (anyone) forgranted. This is a serious crime and i’m truly deeply sorry about it.

I feel like i’m on the verge of losing some of them but a friend mentioned to me before : You can’t be greedy and keep them all to you. When it’s time to let go, you just have to. It’s fated.

boy was i happy to bump into Cheryl  IMG_4327

I sort of agree with his statement now. As the saying goes if it’s yours it will be yours no matter what. There’s no point holding to it if life’s miserable that way. Apologize when you need to, let go when you ought to. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how things patch up in years to come.

After all, some people walk into our life for a reason, some may be there for a season, some stay and leave footprints on our hearts. No matter what they are, these are lessons worth picking up. Thank them for being part of your journey, they may have complete you at some stages of life.


So here’s my definition of friendship.

Someone you can be yourself, someone whom you can confide in & talk about absolutely anything. It doesn’t have to be a daily meet up-high tea-manicure-shopping agenda. Miles apart, meeting up only once in a blue moon can mean true friendship as well.

Side note : I am amazed at how old friends can click so well & talk non stop though they haven’t been contacting each other for quite a period of time, as if they were never torn apart.

21 January 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore (USS) is the bomb of this trip.

Tickets entrees

USS E-ticketIMG_0304

Before the trip, we purchased the E-ticket via USS website where we got the SGD66 ticket that is inclusive of SGD5 Meal Voucher & SGD5 Retail Purchase Voucher. Remember to print the entrance ticket with the bar code at the top right corner.

Preferably visiting USS on weekdays so that there wouldn’t be hell lots of visitors and you don’t have to wait for long queues for rides and shows. However, if you’re going on the weekends, it’s advisable to spend more and purchase the Express tickets (an extra SGD30) where you can jump queues.

How to get there

SGD 3 monorail ticketIMG_0306

  • Take North-East Line MRT to Harbourfront Station.
  • Proceed to Level 3 @ VivoCity Shopping Mall to purchase Sentosa Express ticket (SGD3 per person).
  • Transfer to Sentosa Express & stop at Imbah Station (USS is here!)

USS Tips

  1. USS business hour is 10am – 7pm. One day trip is enough to cover all attractions inside USS. However, you might want to reach USS earlier because there’re quite a number of candy shops and gourmet chocolate stores outside the USS entrance (for you to take photographs).


  2. When you arrive at USS (Hollywood zone), please remember to collect the show schedules of different performances as well as the theme park guide brochure from the Guest Service.
  3. Bring extra set of clothes and towel to dry yourself because you will get wet from one of the water ride (i was totally drenched). You may want to bring a raincoat but it can be easily purchased inside USS at SGD2.
  4. Travel light, do not carry big bags because the locker is very small. For the water ride, Jurassic Park Rapids adventure, you are not allowed to bring your belongings with you. Hence you need to rent the locker charged at SGD4 per hour.
  5. Wear slippers. Convenient for a whole day walk and doesn’t matter if it gets wet.

  6. Bring a water bottle. There’re plenty of water refill machines in USS.

Universal Studio Singapore

USS has seven distinctive zones : Hollywood which makes up the first zone, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City & lastly New York.

The four of us with the iconic USS globeIMG_0323


The Hollywood zone replicates all the Hollywood icons that can be seen from the Walk of Fame such as the Broadway Musical Performance “Monstrocity” at Pantages Hollywood Theatre, Rock n Roll Musical Monster Rock etc.

The streets of Hollywood, lined with Universal Studios Store selling souvenirs, Superstar Candies, Silver Screen Collectibles that sell Oscar award trophies merchandises and such, is great for leisurely stroll. Drop by Mel’s Drive-In for a quick bite. It reminiscence the 1950s retro era with the rock n roll culture of large disc and juke box.

Hollywood StreetIMG_0336



Universal Studios StoreIMG_0338


Superstar Candies to satisfy your sugar rushpage3

Silver Screen Collectiblespage2

Mel’s Drive-In page1






If you’re a fan of DreamWorks Animation film, Madagascar zone is a must visit. Here you can catch live performance by Madagascar characters called the Madagascar Boogie. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet King Julien from Madagascar. How exciting! If you like merry-go-round, go on this crazy carousel with Madagascar characters at King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round.

King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round



Far Far Away


Welcome to Far Far Away. Here you must join Enchanted Airways as it flings you through a few drops and sharp turns in the rollercoaster ride. It’s a junior-rollercoaster ride that may seem to be easy-peasy for rollercoaster fan out there. I was shouting and grabbing S’s hand all the way, i’m so sorry about it.

Enchanted Airways IMG_0374



Since you’re at Far Far Away, do drop by Shrek 4D Adventure to catch the exciting Shrek films with seats movement simulation. You might get dizzy after the show. After all, Shrek never fail to amuse !

Shrek CastleIMG_0383


Magic Potion Spin
(kiddy ferris wheel)



The Lost World

Jurassic Park is the place packed with thrilling rides and exciting attractions. You should cover all the attractions in this zone, none is to be missed!




Waterworld is an interesting live water show involving stunts, jet skis & pyrotechnics (gun shots & explosions). The concept is based from the film called Waterworld (1995).

Prior to the show start, there will actors clowning around with their water guns and they will splash the audience with buckets of water. I find this quite entertaining and i wanted to get splashed. Depending on your own threshold, choose your seat wisely as the theater is divided into splashed zone or dry zone. Tips : The more you avoid, like using the rain coat or opening the umbrella, the higher chance of you becoming their target.



Canopy Flyer

This ride is definitely more thrilling than the Enchanted Airways. You get to catch a bird’s eye view of the park while flying on Pteranodons with your feet dangling in the air. (Tips : You might want to remove your footwear) Canopy Flyer is only suitable for the brave & young at heart.

Canopy FlyerIMG_0412

IMG_0413 (2)


Dino-Soarin’ is like a mini merry-go-round where you ride at the back of the flying dinosaurs. Press the red button in front of you if you want to soar up into the sky. This is nothing scary i assure you. I’d say it is more to a cute thing.

Tickets to soar!IMG_0413



Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

This is a thrilling water ride. Expect to get wet! There are nine seats in the round rubber tube/raft where the boat will be tossed down the waterways. Started off with peaceful sight, you will soon enter a dark tunnel, that’s when the fun begin. I shall not reveal more to spoil the the mystery part of it but this is definitely worth the wait.

You could see we were totally drenched from the rideIMG_0477


Discovery Food Court

Discovery Food Court is the biggest dining outlet in USS where you can dine with the dinosaurs from The Lost World staring at you. It offers Singapore’s local delights such as chicken rice, ayam penyet etc, all are reasonably priced.

Discovery Food CourtIMG_0447


Yummylicious Ayam Penyet SGD10.90IMG_0449



Ancient Egypt



There’s nothing much about this zone except you feel the mystery of Ancient Egypt is waiting for you as you were greeted by huge Mummies at the entrance. I like the sculptures though.

It was quite a bit of regret for not taking the Revenge of the Mummy ride, it was said to be a high-speed ride in total darkness. It was raining soon after we took photo with the Mummies stilts. I particularly like the Mummies stilts, those heavy make up sure made them look so frightening and real. We managed to hop on the Treasure Hunters, which is a jeep ride.

Treasure HunterIMG_0499


Sci-Fi City

Again, there isn’t much to see in this zone prolly because we didn’t explore it due to the heavy downpour. We were lucky enough to be greeted by the Colourful Stilt Walkers.


New York


For those who appreciate picturesque ambience, you’ll like New York. The New York zone is based on the original New York City which resembles the famous Public Libary, Subway, Broadway & Fifth Avenue. Oh, not to forget the Yellow Cab. I find this a nice place for photo shoot :)

Public LibraryIMG_0526




Broadway, Fifth Avenue



New York Department of Public Works)

Be sure to catch Lights! Camera! Action!, a simulation of a Class 5 hurricane, hosted by Steven Spielberg. You get to experience the hurricane hit in New York City inside the warehouse setting.

Lights! Camera! Action!IMG_0586


Whoah. It was a fun-filled but tiresome day. It literally took out all the energy in us, especially when you screamed like a mad woman for two rides. USS is worth every penny, even their good service is worth a praise.