31 December 2010


IMG_3111 (2)

365 days zoomed by so fast it’s hard for me to grab hold of any. I came to realize that as we age, time flies really. 24 hours a day seem like days when i was a child - watching my parents go to work & rolling eyes at my brothers hanging out with their group of friends. Does that apply to you?

2010 has been an ah-mazing year for me. Seriously a blast i’d love to live a year that great once again. No doubt there were tremendous pain in between but hey life is not a bed full of roses and we’ll eventually pull through those hard days.

There are so much to recollect of the year 2010, just to name a few : I’ve…


Sorry there’re still quite a number of them i’d like to share :

Phew. What an eventful year i had. I’ve been shone with abundant blessings from above and am certainly more than a blessed child of God. Thank you Lord for my great family, beautiful friends and good health.

Signing off with a teragram of love.

30 December 2010


This zen like ambience KOI Japanese Restaurant is located at Gurney Plaza, Penang. My first visit there and i would say the sushi can beat Sakae Sushi. Definitely a dining outlet not to be missed for sushi lovers out there.



Salmon TwistIMG_2214


Surf & TurfIMG_2218

KOI Japanese RestaurantIMG_2208


29 December 2010


You know your waistline is increasing when you’re surrounded by all the good food. Mmm, very tempting.

For one, Paddington House of Pancake (PHOP) is one of my favourite eatery in KL. I’m falling head over heels for its pancake, especially the ones with chocolate & peanut fillings. The way the chocolate fillings melt in your mouth giving you that tantalizing feeling. Slurp!




Rich & Decadent Chocolate RollIMG_2186


Strawberry & Peach Pancake SundaesIMG_2188




3 Mini Oreo PancakesIMG_2924



28 December 2010

Shopping indulgence


So after few months of turning my eyes from shopping, well not quite but sort of, i’m throwing myself into this whole shopping indulgence.

I was busy contributing to Malaysia’s economy, as quoted by mum. My main purpose was to hunt for a faithful purse but ended up with four tops, a pair of high waist pants, a dress, two handbags and some accessories.

more shoppingIMG_2244


a billion thank you to my parents.

25 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas isn’t much about the adorable candy and big boxes of presents, rather a season of thanksgiving and joy. It gives us special reason to get together and spend quality time with love ones.

Quality time spent on Christmas daychristmas (5)


I’m a very greedy person when it comes to making a wish because i definitely have more than one, perhaps five. Top on the list is a happy reunion dinner. I had my wish came true, twice in fact (another one on the 27th a special date), thanks buff buff Santa!

So this year, we celebrated Christmas quite differently, home-cooked dinner on Christmas day. Despite our 200 bucks grocery shopping on Christmas eve, we did not have the turkey on the dining table. 

Grocery shopping on the evechristmas (1)


Christmas home-cooked dinnerchristmas (3)


Merry Christmas to everyone of different time zone, inside and out of the country.

How did your Christmas go? :)

24 December 2010

Christmas Vibe

It is that time of the year again. 

Down the streets you see beautiful Christmas wreath hung on the door, peek through the glass panels and you’ll see Christmas gifts wrapped in big red bows under the tree lit with colourful lightings.



Christmas carols playing in the background while the malls are filled with the hustle and bustle of shoppers doing last minute shopping & Christmas display inside out the malls.



Christmas is one of my favourite festival. Christmas songs can really make my day.

Christmas display at Times SquareIMG_2331



23 December 2010

Flying business class


Sakai as i was, the comfort that comes with flying business class is pleasurable. Who am i kidding, it sure is enjoyable. After all you’re paying a whole lot more for their good service.

By good service, i mean these :

  • Luxurious meals, even KitKat is upgraded to Ferrero Rocher.
  • Flight attendants serve you with hot towel the moment you’re seated & after your meal. (i think this is a bit kua zhang)
  • Upon arrival, luggage comes out first from the airport carousels. 


Golden LoungeIMG_2561




Oh, not to forget the spacious seats.

Business ClassIMG_2583



Luxurious meals




I almost forget to mention the downside of flying business class : you cannot really enjoy your nap or have a good sleep. You’ll be awakened to the flight attendants’ calls every now and then. Grrr…can be somewhat irritating, at least to me it’s so.

22 December 2010

Penang Peranakan Mansion

Day 4 in Penang and more sightseeing, there’re so much to explore in this little island. We visited the Penang Peranakan Mansion which in my opinion, is a must visit.

Penang Peranakan MansionIMG_2390



The Penang Peranakan Mansion is a typical Baba Nyonya house rich with cultural heritage. It used to be home to the Baba Nyonyas centuries ago but has now been restored into a museum. Most of the original antiques are still preserved.


Look at those pillars imported from EnglandIMG_2402




Stepping into the mansion is like a step back 200 years in time. One can catch a glimpse of what the life of the Baba Nyonya is like in the olden days. It also reminds me of the Singapore TV series The Little Nyonya (小娘惹) which was filmed here.

Room where the wives wait for their husbands to return home… IMG_2405

…while playing Chi Ki
(sth like Poker i think)


Infinity mirror from UK in the dining roomIMG_2408




Double storey mansion IMG_2447



Living HallIMG_2450



The mansion is huge that it took us a rough one hour to finish the tour. It incorporates various Chinese and Western architecture from Chinese carved-wood panels to English floor tiles and Scottish iron works. What makes it more unique is its 1000 pieces of antiques and collectibles.


Antique collections


Olden days of photographingIMG_2462

Love-bird chairIMG_2449


Nyonya costumesIMG_2442



Dressing table & bedroom of newly wedded couples




Entrance fee is RM10 for adult while children below six have free admission. I personally think the entrance fee is reasonably cheap since they offer complimentary conducted tours.





Private pharmacyIMG_2494

Banquet Hall
(very posh)




This is truly an eye-opening experience as i get to learn more about the Peranakan culture. Very interesting place!