29 November 2010

Summer Vibe

IMG_0563 (5)-tile

Home is two days away. I can’t wait to go back to my comfort zone and just laze around for 3 months. All the more, all the exciting events during this summer break awaits me. I’ve a job, pillow talk with mum, jogging session with dad, swimming session with friends, road trips and travelling to look forward to. Life is oh-so-great.

Series has never felt so good for such long time really.

28 November 2010

Dessert Master 2

Dessert Master revisited. Michele and i went back there for the second time just so to savour their famous pancake. Mango pancake priced at RM6 is a tad expensive but it was something different for a change.

Dessert MasterIMG_0743

Tarts & Mango PancakesIMG_0735 (2)IMG_0737 (2)

Angel has satisfied her taste bud.

27 November 2010

Stop, breathe

Day 3 after finals.

Extending my stay in Miri had enabled me to see things in a new light. The usual self would just sit through the final paper in the examination hall, rush back home and do some final packing, then off to the airport. There’s no chance of stopping, not even the slightest chance.


It really got me thinking. What’s the rush honey? I came to realize that at most point of my life, I am constantly walking on a relatively fast pace that none can grab hold of. I’m pretty sure i’ve missed out the excitement along the ride.

Say we’re running late for an appointment, it’s too rush to cook a meal that we choose some low in nutrients packaged food over cooked food. This happens to most of us. What you’re missing out here is the cooking process, the sense of satisfaction from preparing a healthy meal.  



Now, i feel the urge to slow down my pace and take life one step at a time. I’d very much want to be the tortoise that stroll leisurely and enjoy looking around while competing with the hares. By the way, the tortoise won the race.

What is your pace in life? The tortoise or the hares? Today is all you’ve got, whatever it is just make sure you slow down to enjoy and embrace that moment.

26 November 2010

We live


I have been so caught up with packing and moving things to our new house with my roommate. Looking at the amount of our belongings is a real shock, big headache. 

Thanks so much to Kimberly and other few guy friends who lend us a helping hand in moving these truckloads of stuff. It’s so tedious i swear i wouldn’t want to move house in the future, at least not for the next two years. 

*tiredly signing off*

25 November 2010

Precise sentiment

A terrific evening, totally.

BBQ Party was a blast! Food was good; we’ve Rick’s marinated chicken wings, Kenny’s fried mee and beehoon, Manfrate’s dessert and Michele & i prepared potato salad. The guys rotate to barbeque the food *cough* inhaling carbon monoxide.  

BBQ PartyIMG_0619-tile

I am flabbergasted at how everything turned out so beautifully. It was just the idea of wanting to be together, to celebrate and enjoy the company of one another. All the more, creating beautiful moments.

Splendid momentsIMG_0682-horz


I’ve tons of people to thank for making this party a huge success, from planning to preparation and cleaning up. The party would definitely not be an amazing one without the help and support from every single person. Honestly, each and every of your presence makes a huge difference. Thank you for the splendid hours.

Awesome peopleIMG_0681 (2)


P/S : Guys do really great job in cleaning.
Angel should probably drift into dreamland.

23 November 2010

Full swing

IMG_0502 IMG_0508
courtesy of Ali Jay :)

Finals is over! I’m so glad but completely frazzled at the same time. Most of the papers were challenging which i supposed that’s about degree? I’m so glad i survived first half of EFY despite all the rants earlier on this semester.

“Walk with faith.” 

Time to stack up HK series and movies. It has been awhile. Am currently on Big Bang Theory, anyone?

22 November 2010

Contemplate in silence


There’s something unusual in the air today. The still air perhaps? or maybe, it is the lack of converse shoes around campus. This is just a little too quiet than usual.

However it is, i chose to soak up in silence.   

“We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

20 November 2010

Small things in life

This week has been particularly good. It’s good even with examinations in between intervals.

God has continue to flourish me with the small things in life. They are not necessary of expensive gifts or a piece of good news. Little things like a hearty breakfast is good enough to draw a wide smile on the face.

McD Breakfast

There’re so many things in life that deserve our attentions or more, appreciation. Have you realize the small things that God granted you with?

18 November 2010

There’s beauty in believing

My paranoid self refuse to believe.

No, not until i receive the official letter. Nobody likes false alarm anyway. I do appreciate Mum’s effort for going through all the trouble of contacting the administrator just to convince me so.

At last, after God knows how many days of waiting, the letter arrived.

*dances around*

Phew…  All hard work pays off. This marks the end of my scholarship applications nightmares. I’m a grumpy person when it comes to official applications. Praise the Lord, there goes my fund for the next four years. IMG_0533

Honestly i don’t see this coming; i guess the JPA and Shell interviews had done good on me. I’ve a bunch of people to thank, for encouraging me and praying so hard for this to come true. 

Angel is officially a Yayasan Sarawak Scholarship holder.

15 November 2010

A grateful heart

dear dad 

Dear Parents,

Thank you for always including me in your vacation plans and for all the wonderful things you’ve provided me with.

With love,

14 November 2010

A pattern of devotion

Luck has been on my side recently. Rephrase, my prayers have been answered. Praise the Lord!

  • My friend managed to secure me a job for the year end PC Fair. Yay me! Thank you heaps darling.
  • Our house arrangement is settled, we’ll have a place to stay next year. No more worries about being homeless. Side note : i will be moving again, marking the third time within 1.5 years. Pathetic much?
  • On a happier note, both Dad and Mum agreed on my trip. A million thank you ! Tickets are booked, home stay is settled, everything is no longer a dream anymore. (We’ve been longing for this more than ever, like seriously.)  

IMG_6271 My parents are my santa claus !
Christmas present came early this year.

Angel is over the moon but is going to burry herself under the piles of past years papers. 

13 November 2010



Lately, i’m a bit offtrack with series, movies and non-stop online junk filling in between study hours. Let’s just say i’m taking things easy. So much so that i fear i might flunk finals.

Have i not given my best is the question.     

11 November 2010


The clock is ticking, it’s 2am and this is a Korean song.

Naeil dashi manna jago useu myeonseo bojago
He eojijan mareul nong damirago animyeon nan

at hilton's playgraound

10 November 2010

Study Week

We’re down to Week 13, Study Week.

It’s torturing knowing you’ve got to study your ass off eventhough you don’t feel like studying.

It’s like you’re surfing the net and your inner self keeps yelling ‘Hey, studiiie study!’ but you just got carried away. Then at the same time you feel guilty but you won’t care to move your butt away from the chair until certain time. There you got, the greatness of the internet (more of fb and plurk and blog).

I’m not stress; i’m just very wery lazy.IMG_0445 (3)

I’ve got my sticky notes up : For the sake of a walk-in-closet and thousand millions drop dead gorgeous heels and dresses, you’ve got to study h.a.r.d.

Angel wants to abolish examinations and change it to assignments-based examinations, one day.
(Just let her dream, shall we?)

Reluctantly signing off. URGH!

08 November 2010

Smart facts.

  1. Your bed is the best damn place.
  2. You gotta admit it’s so hard to resist good food.
  3. Picking a good book is like selecting a Mr.Right.
  4. The finest art? Ballet. 

  5. Dress is the best inspiration in the fashion industry.
  6. A walk-in-closet is the best invention – convenient and space saving.
  7. Now that we’ve Ikea, all furniture shops should just close down.
  8. Greece (Santorini & Mykonos) is the most romantic place, not Paris.

  9. Do not be flattered when someone address you ‘cute’ because it’s not exactly a compliment but rather implying ‘ugly but adorable’.
  10. It’s always easier to pass than to fail a test. You must be intelligent to fail one.
  11. The most economical way to lose weight is to reduce rice intake and drown yourself with litres of water.

Those were pretty random thoughts.

07 November 2010


Cherry blossom flower prints

I’ve a thing for floral prints and abstract designs. The moment i saw this, i knew i have to buy it. 48cm by 48cm for only RM4.90. Mad cheap ! 

I think i’m going to stock in more fabrics for my art and crafts. Now, i shall work on my masterpiece year end when i’m back home.

06 November 2010

Dessert Master

There’s this newly operate dessert cafe in town. Dessert Master reminds me so much of Kuching’s Pandungan area. The cheese cake is heavenly delicious, too bad the durian and mango pancakes are out of stock :( Anyway, the mango sago and special make up for the pancakes.



Mango Sago

It’s such bliss to take a day off the stacks of notes.

04 November 2010


This semester ended well with EFPC Presentation where we walked out as corporate executives.

Unlike normal presentations, this was quite challenging because we were constantly reminded not to greet lecturers as lecturers but CLIENTS and introduced our friends as COLLEAGUES. Overall, i think we nailed it.  

I love presentation cause 
you get to dress up in smart cool looking outfit IMG_6587IMG_6603


Photo credits to AndyIMG_6612IMG_6623

Finals is in 10 days but I feel utterly unprepared thanks to the holiday mood.

02 November 2010

Everything last

DSC02027-horzMechanics Lab

Week 12, the end for all submissions.
Last lecture, last tutorials, last quiz and last grueling-3-hours labs.
Last presentation on Thursday.

01 November 2010

Pride and Glory

*holds deep breath*
Seconds feel like hours, palm sweating, heart palpitating…

The bridge and vehicle testing were really nerve-wrecking moments. Model vehicle is able to travel a distance of 6 meter within 3.3 seconds and our 500g model bridge is able to withstand a 43 kg load. Yay!

I’m more than satisfied with the results and am really proud of my group members. There are so many people whom i want to thank for making this a huge success. Thank you people, i really appreciate your help :)





Bridge testingIMG_0282IMG_0296


Group photosIMG_0273IMG_0272