31 October 2010

a thousand splendid moment

These few days have been a pleasurable pursuit of happiness with the company of my family members. All the more, we get to meet up with cousins, niece and nephews. We had a good time laughing and totally enjoyed the good food. Oops, those calories.

Dim Sum Breakfast @ Boulevard Restaurant   IMG_0177IMG_0178IMG_0181

  Grand Old LadyIMG_0183IMG_0186IMG_0209

Petroleum MusuemIMG_0232IMG_0187

30 October 2010

Sales & Shopping

With G2000 having 50% storewide, Levi’s 40% on selected items, Esprit great sales and Parkson members’ day sales, it’s just so tempting not to spend.

We’ve paint the town red. Thanks mum!  

29 October 2010


Happy Halloween folks!

Halloween dinner at Citrus, one of my favourite fine dining restaurant in this little town. I hope mum and aunt like the ambience and enjoy the food as much as i do.

My first Halloween celebration with family. No spooky costume, but Chocolate Fondue to compensate. Love the pumpkin candles at the counter.    



Side note : Dad, i wish you were here with us. I miss euu!

27 October 2010



Bool! Guess who’s here for the weekend?!
Angel is certainly very elated.

25 October 2010

Daily routine


If you’re smiling or laughing reading this, it probably means your biological clock has gone hay-wired as well, eh?

Angel pledge to go to bed earlier tonight !

24 October 2010

Maintain the smile :)

Few weeks back, roomie and i signed up for SOAR advisor. I’m pleased to share, we both passed the interview sessions.

The weekend is somewhat productive in the event of two workshops : Team Building and Public Speaking Workshops. This is a start of something new. It’s a tough journey ahead but i’m willing to undertake these challenges.

I’ve came to my senses that for most of the time, victory doesn’t entirely account for joy or happiness. Instead the process of learning from each individuals and growing together as a team is far more significant and it makes things a whole lot more enjoyable.

Not forgetting, maintain the smile :)

Team Building Workshop69336_464642932928_597812928_5347978_6415081_n

Public Speaking Workshop67684_465009947928_597812928_5354675_2318011_n

Angel really is bad in Captain Ball (is this how they name it?).

22 October 2010

Photoblog : JCW Part 3

Our 2 days 1 night stay at Kampung Beraya ends with the final destination at the beach. It was a pretty good experience getting to meet a couple of new friends; friends over the globe are Zahra (Iran), Veronica (Zimbabwe), Tijah (Omar) and Rashed (Bangladesh).

I was amazed at how Zahra could speak such fluent Mandarin, way better than most of us Chinese (i’m ashame, my Mandarin is bad). Aside, we get to listen to Shakira’s Waka Waka live, Veronica has really sweet voice and it wow-ed the crowd. The kids love listening to her singing that we all requested her to sing twice. To add on, we celebrated Rashed’s birthday with the Melayu Gendang.

Heading to the beach, Beraya Beach;
most of us got hype up PA160501PA160505PA160506


  Strolling in the beach : Zahra, Tijah and myself PA160523PA160536PA160537


Group PhotosPA160538PA160531PA160532

Failed jump shotPA160546


21 October 2010

Photoblog : JCW Part 2



  Group PhotosPA160352PA160353PA160361

Very comel childrenPA160392PA160393


Game sessions  PA160401PA160406PA160407


JCW 2010 : Yellow Theme   PA160431PA160435PA160433


Group Photo with Kampung BerayaPA160471PA160477


Our Mak Cik, very kind and friendly ! Thank you so much Mak Cik, we enjoyed our stay there :)PA160485PA160486PA160488

20 October 2010

Photoblog : JCW Part 1

JCW simply stands for John Curtin Weekend, an annual outreach programme to rural areas organized by university life and Curtin Volunteer’s.

My friends and i opted for the long house, but something uneventful happened so we went to the Malay Village, Kampung Beraya instead. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun with just the thirteen of us. A relaxing weekend away from the heavy uni workload was exactly what we needed. All the more, it was a whole new experience.

Who would expect a mini trekking is required before reaching a beautiful river? Well, that was pretty interesting. And there was Malay culture music performance (Gendang) at night which lasted until 4.30 a.m., for real!


Home stay at Mak Cik’s house for 2 days 1 night OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Welcoming session by Kampung BerayaPA160255

Health Campaign for the childrenOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Mini trekking PA160265PA160295PA160296


Beautiful river  

Malay Music CulturePA160307PA160322PA160299