31 March 2010


Do it yourself; i fixed them! page

Back at home, it’s always my hero or koko crunch who fix all these cabinets stuff. I always thought ‘ohh that’s so mechanical and technical. Man should fix em’, ladies shall sit back and watch.’

The day came when i need to fix them myself. The 3-tier brown shelf came in lose packet and costs only RM22. If i were to buy the one readily fixed, it’s RM44, very expensive okay! That afternoon, I fixed it with my own hands with a pair of screwdriver. Easy bitsy, serious! 

The RM60 babyblue wardrobe was all the way from Kuching via Triton via Kapit via Sibu via Miri. All thanks to Uncle Felix. Manfrate, Kenny, Michele and I fixed it.

I feel a tinge of proudness and a sense of satisfaction. Angel thinks she’s very pro in fixing stuff like these now :)

30 March 2010


Lab reports and tutorials are piling up and yet i’m slacking very much. Someone pinch or slap me, please?

Procrastinating got the best of me prolly because of the long weekends ahead.

29 March 2010

Week 4

Chemistry Lab. Physics Lab.
Physics Quiz.
Eng Maths Quiz. Impromptu Speech.

In another 8 hours time, or less, the 72 hours battle begins. I’m starting to feel the pinch of this mad-crazy-why-everything-clashed-together-Week 4.

It’s only the beginning of the week and Angel is already looking forward to Good Friday.

28 March 2010

Ming cafe

On the left, Manfrate with a jug of Carlsberg/Heineken (i forgot :s) and Kenny on the right with Long Island Tea.IMG_9261

So the other night, we went to Ming cafe which i prefer to call it a semi cafe-semi pub-semi kopitiam. Had a couple of sip, played truth or dare, no one got drunk, managed to get a cab, everyone reached home in good condition, nth to worry about.

6 guys, 2 girls : 1 jug beer, long island tea, frozen yogurt, fruit juice.IMG_9262

The thing about this place is that it is a cafe except with indoor-pub-without-smoking-area-which-sell-Carlsberg-Heineken-SexOnTheBeach-FruitPunch and what caught me by surprise was this cafe sells cha mee, cha kueh tiao. So you get the picture : a White drinking beer inside the pub while enjoying a plate of cha bee hoon.

18 bucks Long Island Tea tastes WAY BETTER than Happy Valleys’, Kuching. And it reminded me so much of Agnes, ShuYi & Sharon K.

27 March 2010

Lose with victory

10 groups competing in the bowling tournament, 5 groups made it to the semi finalist. Sadly we lost, but it was fun. Surprisingly my bowling skill didn’t slack, even after 2 years (or so) of not practicing ;)  1Malaysia team was SO great!

Raymond named our team – Hardest (like whatthehell?!)IMG_9259

Team Hardest & Cutest (insert wth expression)

26 March 2010

Satin dress

I’ve been meaning to get myself a satin dress since eons. I’m so glad almost all the boutiques in Miri are having this crazy March sales – buy one free one for all items or 50% off all items. Yes, it’s ALL ITEMS. Dies, addiction is back.

Look. looOoo0k! So elegant.satin (1)

MINE!satin (4) Nice or not nice or not?

Angel has switched on the shopaholic mode. =/

25 March 2010

A cinderella shoe

I want this pair of heels badly. Size 4 is slightly big for me. It broke my heart when the sales assistant told me “no size 3 ½ ”.

Anyone going KL? Kuching Vincci, please dont run outta stock, please please please.

24 March 2010

Simple manicure

Lately, i’m falling head over heels for the art of painting.

Paint me blue and turquoise.manicure1

23 March 2010

Everyday is a gift

Life holds so many simple blessings, each day bringing its own individual wonder. 

I’m truly blessed.

21 March 2010

Psalm 37 : 4-6 NIV

I followed Rick to St. Joseph Catholic Church this morning. It looks very much alike Kuching’s St. Joseph Church. I like the church service, reminds me of St. Faith Church and my every Sunday routine.

20 March 2010

Curtin Race

Curtin Race is almost similar to Amazing Race except that participants do not travel across continent and the race is carried out in small scale. After all, we’re only students.

Our game station – twister. March 2010 [CV - Curtin Race]

Minutes feel like hours under the blazing sun. For this game, we were to give out instructions and orders and also record the participants’ marks. Luckily i’ve got my skin protected with L’Occitane Lavender lotion, Michele’s SPF50 sun block and Kiwi fruit insect repellent. Good God, there goes another layer of tanned skin!

Playing around with the distant effect(3)

Angel wants to join Curtin Race or CV! Race next sem or in the years to come, car anyone? :D

19 March 2010

Drop dead tired

Day two and i’m already totally worn out, like seriously.

Page (1) Test drive 1 : Separating 4 types of nuts under the scorching sun was nutz :s

It' has been so long since i’ve been this busy or active. I think the last time was during my high school years where i was all over the place; i actually enjoyed them a lot, school-tuition-Red Crescent-Prefectorial Board-Science & Maths Club-Bowling Club-Magazine Committee-and not to forget 3 times a week Ballet lessons. Boy how much i miss those times.

I’ve somewhat forgot what and how busy is like. Am slowly adapting to this kinda lifestyle. Back to training ground, a fresh start towards another 4.5 years of uni life. 

 Page (3) Test drive 2 : The Bridge Game

9am – 4pm : Classes
5pm – 6.30pm : CV meeting

10am – 12pm : Classes
12pm – 3pm : CV meeting
3.30pm – 3.30pm : Leo Club Welcoming Party
7.30pm – 11.30pm : CV meeting

8am – 1pm : Curtin Race

Despite the very tight and pack schedule, i actually enjoy myself pretty much, especially the water balloon war during Leo’s welcoming party and also the test drive for Curtin Race’s games. 

Page (2)Test drive 3 : Twister

Angel needs a kit kat. Anyone?

18 March 2010

Life & lemon :)

When life gives you lemon, make strawberry juice, sit back and let the world wonder how you did it.

17 March 2010

Watching him walk away

ClaudiaThe hardest part is to watch someone so dear to you walk away and you knew in your heart of hearts, he wont be coming back ever again.

Down in the alley stood a petite girl, dressed in jersey and short pants with a pair of gladiators. She watched him walk away and she thought it was like watching a car speeding along a long lone road going somewhere and somehow she was stuck in that one particular place. Feet glued to the floor, she couldn’t move nor can she reach him.

Its been playing on my head…

P/S : boy…it was only a nightmare.

16 March 2010

A door shut, another opens

Hort Park, Singapore

In time of bad times or painful moments; cry your heart out but dont forget to stand up all over again for each day will get better.

Life may or may not be fair. It depends on the viewer himself. Try to look at things at a different angle and through different perspectives.

I believe when God shuts one door, He opens another.

15 March 2010

The best gifts are tied with heartstrings

kl (21)

They say the best gift comes when you least expect it. True enough, i've got a gift came knocking on my door this afternoon — a paper tied with heartstrings. I’ve made it into the dean list :)  

Thank You Lord.

14 March 2010

Week 1

100320102256Weather is extremely bad and unbearable here. What the hell is wrong with the politicians? Thoughtless, foolish group of people having to open burning almost every single day. It’s like houses are on fire. Just take a look at the attached photo.

Haze is my ultimate enemy now. I’m getting red spots here and there all over my face because of the bloody choking killing haze. Allergic reaction; i need Xetec, my antihistamine. To boot, i suffered nose bleed within 10 hours on the same day.

Oh the bright side, thank God it rained twice so far, at least. It’s like praying for a rain god.

This week is slow moving, very slow.
This week hasnt been smooth sailing either.

Angel is glad that week one is over :)

13 March 2010

Last year yesterday

IMG_9079The night before SPM result was released, we had a countdown session together at Val’s place, just to calm our nerves. Sleepover helps, really. 


“Angel! Last year yesterday!! Slumber! Miss u dear!”

“Last year this time we were cooking and eating maggie mee in silence. Ha ha.”

Last year, yesterday…
(Angel wishes to hop in a time machine and travel back to 2009)

12 March 2010

Glory To God

I’ve been dreaming of You
In my dream I saw You touch my heart

11 March 2010

Miracle, please?

IMG_7122I shall not fear the future.
I shall believe miracle does happen. It does, right?

10 March 2010

If this is what God wants from us

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Hand in hand as a family, we’ll stay strong and tough.

09 March 2010

A pocketful of doubts

…feelings of uncertainty.

I’ve got a pocketful of doubts.
I’ve got a pocketful of doubts.

08 March 2010

Faith that never fade

Whatever comes knocking on your door,
accept it with an open heart and live with it.
I believe the hardest will eventually pass and the goods will come.

07 March 2010

A corner

What’s around that corner?

You never really know what’s around that corner. Life is about grabbing chances and taking risks.

Trust your own instinct.
Your mistakes might as well be your own,
instead of someone else’s.  
                                            - Billy Wilder

06 March 2010


Survived 3 days of bad, burning hot and hazy weather.

I’ve finally settled down, after 9 hours of cleaning and unpacking; moved in new house, bedroom is ready, internet connection is good and most of all i’m not staying under Curtin’s accommodation anymore (thank goodness).

New accommodation is great.

  • Double storey house with 4 bedrooms
    (i’m taking the twin sharing room with Michele, my roomie)
  • Very functional home
    (iron board, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, shoe rack, cooking equipments, rice cooker, electric kettle, cloth rack, grilled gates and windows equipped with mosquito nettings etc etc)
  • Bedroom is very comfy
    (reminds me of my bedroom back home which has almost similar setting)

Living, Dining & Kitchenpage1

Study area
(we decided to have our study tables outside our bedroom at the living room so that our bedroom is more spacious)

(got a 3-tier storage board for 28 bucks only

(two rows of readily mounted hooks, wardrobe and another smaller sized wardrobe is on the way :)

Angel is very much in love with her new home :)

05 March 2010

04 March 2010

Reach out

sky love A voice speaking through my mind "Reach ouutttt..."

It's always difficult to leave, especially to a place so strange, but if we don't step out, we'll never know what life has got to offer us. Life is about venturing and exploring; self discovery i say.

Let there be love when you’re sad; faith when you’ve doubts; hope when you fear.

2 luggages, a box and a backpack; Angel is almost ready to board the plane.

03 March 2010

Floral manicure

Feb 2010 [Food hunting with Sam, Kel]3 I got tired of simple french manicure and decided to try on something new. I came up with these…only the design on my thumb nail looks nice.

02 March 2010

Tank Top Dress

Tank Top Dress
Angelina is on a dress addiction, like seriously.

01 March 2010


Element in a family – sincerity.

To treat others the way you treat your family member.